Maintenance Program

Anyone who owns a home knows that the littlest home improvements can be the biggest hassle. First of all, there’s the feeling that we should do them ourselves. Fix a cracked pane? Paint one room? Clean the gutters? These tasks hardly seem worth calling someone in. Surely one’s husband, one’s neighbor, one’s grown child could take care of such a task. And yet, while the roofer comes to do the roof, the contractor is hired for the addition and the plumber puts in the plumbing for a new bathroom, the little things are left undone. And it can turn out that these small tasks aren’t worth the time for many contractors.

So, the pane is still cracked and the dining room is still unpainted and people are coming for Memorial Day. Stress. Now there is a local business that aims to solve this problem.

You may have contracts with a landscaper, house cleaner, sprinkler and/or furnace company, now there is a Home Maintenance Program to perform all the other small jobs around the house!

Customized Program of Seasonal Maintenance, Ongoing Repairs, and Much More

Our Professional technicians are multi-skilled, articulate and very service oriented. There is an office staff dedicated to keeping track of your list of jobs, including any required materials. We call you before your scheduled visit and afterward to make sure you were completely satisfied. We are licensed, bonded and completely insured to give you the confidence their is a company behind every job!

Here is how it works.

Initial Consultation
Call for a free consultation. A home maintenance consultant will come to your home to discuss the available services and familiarize himself with the unique needs of your home. 
Key Information
The consultant will note the key information (such as air conditioner filter sizes, humidifier brands, and paint colors) needed to perform services, so that he will come fully prepared on the first contract day. 
Your Personal Home Technician
We will strive to send the same personal home maintenance consultant to your home each time. This consistency will ensure efficiency, plus it will result in an increased comfort level since you’ll know who’s coming to your home for each visit. 
You select the services you want performed on each visit, as well as those services you want to be performed seasonally.
Frequency of Visits
You decide how frequently you want the Prestige to come to your home. We will review your requested services and together decide how many visits are needed to complete your list. The key to this program is that you decide what services are needed for you and your home. Isn’t it time to schedule a preventive care and maintenance visit for your home? 

A Customized Preventative Care Maintenance Plan

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