Lead Paint

Did You Know???

All Maryland properties built before 1950 were painted with lead paint. If your property was built between 1950 and 1978, there is a 75% chance that lead paint was used. Because of this, the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) requires that all rental properties be lead safe. If your rental property was built before 1978, law requires you the landlord to possess a lead safe inspection certificate. This certification is only valid for the life of the tenant. Owner occupants are not required by law to possess this certificate, but it is at your best interest, for the sake of you and your loved ones to have your home tested. Once the lead paint is agitated, it can become very toxic causing a potential risk of lead poisoning.

Stay Alert for Potential Problems
Lead paint that is intact–with no cracking, chipping or wear–is considered unlikely to pose health risks, but if your home might contain lead paints, watch for:

Peeling, chipping, or cracking paints.
Areas susceptible to wear and tear that causes cracking or exposure to underlying layers of paints on stair railings, banisters, window sills, door frames, porches and fences.┬áLead dust that results when paint is sanded or dry scraped.┬áLead in the soil surrounding your home, caused by flaking lead paints on its exterior, since it’s a risk to children playing outdoors and in a prime spot to be tracked inside on shoes.