Home Check

Prestige Enterprises has a new service to give peace of mind for homeowners who are away from home for substantial periods of time. The service is appropriately called House Checks. Whether a homeowner is away on an overseas assignment, spending the winter in Florida or simply going away for a week, Prestige can stop by to check that everything is in order.

The service is a natural extension for this niche business, which provides “one stop shopping” for all the small jobs around the house. The company has multiple jobs since opening in early 1999. Those jobs include general maintenance and repairs (handyman), carpentry, painting, plumbing, tile and electronic assistance.

House Checks will provide regular visits to ensure a number of important homeowner concerns are alleviated: With each visit a professional will make sure the plumbing and heating is working, your security lights are on, the cars are turned on, “junk mail” is pick up from the driveway and they will even turn the heat on and re-stock the kitchen with fresh milk, bread and flowers when the homeowner returns. For those leaving their home for long periods or have their home rented, this one “point of contact” is a source of tremendous comfort. One executive recently transferred overseas said, “I’m 14 time zones away and your company simplifies a very important part of our lives. When I e-mail or call you, I no longer worry about the job at my house, because I know it will be done!”

One of the most important aspects of the service is a company behind every visit: No longer does the homeowner have to rely on a neighbor, housekeeper, or relative to watch out for the property. However, should a neighbor need to contact someone, the neighbor can simply contact Prestige Enterprises.

$80/Visit Regular visits while you’re away! Pick up mail, check heat…Call and ask a representative about HOUSE CHECK now!!